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The Yodeling Cowboy


A forgetful cowboy, alone on the prairie with "Horse", his mule, begins to sing to the stars and stampedes the startled cattle herd. Fired, he sadly leaves to go fishing. But now his song just busts out of the other cowboys, and stampedes the cattle once more, and once more, and yet once more ... 

The crew cannot round up the cows and need that cowboy.   But he is off lassoing fish for his supper (who don't stampede when he bursts into song...). Will they manage to entice him back?  Will they ever round up the cows?

Lots of stampedes and music! 

Children learn a cowboy song and easily join in with the yodeling cowboy puppets onstage. Lots of old-fashioned good times: drawling and yodels will just be busting out of your audience! 

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