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Issun Boshi: Little Samurai Warrior

A well-loved Japanese folktale, Issun Boshi is the son wished for “even if only an inch tall”, which he is.  At 15 years old he leaves to seek his fortune in the city and his mother outfits him with a needle for sword and a lacquer noodle bowl for a boat. Thus begin the adventures.  He is finally hired by a Daimyo (Lord) household and given the task of guarding their daughter.  When they encounter an Oni (devilish ogre) in the woods, Issun comes to her rescue with trusty needle in hand. When the Oni flees, he leaves behind a wish…but what will Issun wish for?


An exciting tale of small overcoming large and being the hero.  This story beautifully fills children’s minds with rising to the occasion and of the possibilities ahead in life, despite their small stature.  Children leave singing in Japanese!


 Shaver Marionettes